Buffalo’s Best Newborn Photographer

If you’re a mom you know the importance of capturing all the special moments of your little ones including the innocence of the newborn phase which quickly comes and goes especially within the first two weeks. After having my son in 2016 that is one of the things I regret most is not getting newborn photos done. While I have many photos that I took with my phone nothing beats the simplicity of clean and good quality photos of their most gentle time.

Last month I gave birth to my daughter, Annabelle. I knew I wanted to have that special newborn phase captured professionally. I wanted creative and beautiful images to look back on which is why I went with Nicole Serafin Photography. Just by looking at her work online I was already in love with it!

Her studio is in Elma, NY. What I love about her studio is that it’s open and bright! She also has a separate room for guests and small children. There is a couch, tv, and toys in the back which kept my 17 month old occupied during the shoot!

Nicole completely amazed me during every moment of Annabelle’s session. She had such a gentle and magical touch. If you browse through each photo taken you’ll get why I say that. As an aspiring photographer myself I can’t believe the work and patience that goes into each individual shot. Annabelle has always been a tad bit fussy which she proved during this session but you wouldn’t have been able to tell with the photos taken! Nicole worked her magic, calmed down Annabelle and got the shots she needed!

I think it’s important to find a newborn photographer who shares such joy and love for newborns as you do for your own. You can tell that not only is Nicole passionate about photography but she also loves and adores your child. It was really fun to watch Nicole take photos of my daughter and then when I finally received the photos I was jumping up and down with joy.

If you or someone you know live in or around the Buffalo, NY area and are in need of a newborn photographer make sure to check out Nicole Serafin Photography. Newborn photos are great to look back on, they make great shower gifts too! Nicole is offering anyone who books with her one free print! Book now, or regret later:-)


Below is a gallery of the beautiful photos she took of Annabelle!

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