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A Fairytale Town Called Franklin

The last weekend of October we decided to make a spontaneous family trip to Franklin, Tennessee. The drive from Buffalo, NY was 11 hours and 30 minutes. I visited Franklin 2 other times before that and one being when Nate proposed to me. I instantly fell in love with the town. I feel like each time I go there I come back loving it even more which I didn’t think was possible.

If you have ever watched Gilmore Girls you know the small and cute town called Stars Hollow. This town reminds me of that, except better! The old fashioned brick walls, the old time movie theater, the short narrow roads that meet at a circle, the local shops that sell the most adorable and unique items, and the best part is everyone is friendly to everyone. You feel so welcomed and it all makes this a dreamy town.


One of my favorite stores in downtown Franklin on Main St is Philanthropy. You walk into a beautiful rustic setup with hanging lights everywhere. There is worship music playing and the staff is incredibly nice. My favorite part of the store was the prayer wall (as shown in picture above). The prayer wall is for anyone to write a prayer!  Their clothes are gorgeous. They are also one of a kind, they only make one or two of the same clothing which makes your buy unique.

On top of all that they are a charity supporting work in the United States, The Caribbean Islands and East Africa. 100% of proceeds from online sales goes to charity and Minimum 10% of in store total sales goes to charity. If you ever make it to Franklin I would highly recommend this place, if not they also have an online store!

Breakfast in Franklin

We visited the great breakfast joint called Merridee’s Breadbasket also located in downtown Franklin on Main St. This cute rustic diner gives you a homey and warm feeling. They have a wide range of delicious homemade southern food. Both mornings I caved and got their french toast which did wonders to my tastebuds. I also got their gold rush latte which was delicious as well.


This past weekend Franklin put together their yearly Pumpkinfest. And although it was a chilly day it was a fun time. They closed off all the roads and brought in hundreds of crafters, food carts, and performers. There were fall decorations everywhere, pumpkins on every corner and tons of people dressed up in costumes. There were games, contests, and activities for the kids. It was also funny to watch a lot of people bringing their dressed up dogs. I’ve been to a lot of fall festivals but this tops them all. I can’t wait for Isaiah and Annabelle to experience this stuff together!

The Factory at Franklin

Right outside of downtown Franklin (about a 5 minute drive), is a place called The Factory at Franklin. It’s this small mall filled with rustic local shops, art galleries, a record store, local restaurants, juice bar, and brewery. I can’t believe the amount of talent that comes from such a small town. The artwork that is created here blew my mind. “The Factory at Franklin is on its way to becoming an interactive cultural destination for excellence in the performance and visual arts, dining, and retail experience.”

I visited the brewery located in the Factory at Franklin,  Honest Coffee Roaster’s and got their famous latte. It was SO GOOD! I wish I could get my morning latte there everyday! The company also has a cool story behind how they opened. (Check their site to read about it!)

Going Home

Franklin, Tennessee.  It’s so hard to say goodbye… This small town has stolen our hearts. It is such a magical place to be. When we are there we already feel at home and someday in the near future we hope to actually call this place our home for real. I encourage everyone to make it out there someday. You don’t come across a town like this just anywhere!

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