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Say Bye Bye to Mama Problems With Buy Buy Baby

Shopping at BuyBuy Baby

[This post is in partnership with BuyBuy Baby Inc, a brand that I love. All opinions here are my own.]

I cannot tell you enough how much I love Buy Buy Baby! After having Isaiah I’ve been there probably a hundred times to pick up our baby needs and wants! Now that Annabelle is due in less than a month I know what I need to stock up on in order to have a relaxed transition at home. Buy Buy baby has an endless amount of products to fit all your needs. Out of all the baby stores I went to they offer the best service, prices, and products which is why I am such a frequent shopper there! I wanted to share with you a few items I got to prepare for my soon to be newborn, Annabelle – also for Isaiah becoming a big brother!

Here Are 9 of My Must-Have Finds

1. Dr. Brown’s Bottles

When I had Isaiah my plan was to exclusively breastfeed. We had a hard time with Isaiah latching and he wasn’t gaining enough weight. I exclusively pumped the first 2 months. He had some reflux which made our nights more stressful. When I switched over to the Dr. Brown bottles I did see a big difference. We are saving the time and frustration and starting off with those first. We stocked up on the 4oz and 8oz pink ones too! How fun!

2. MAM Pacifiers

The hospital gave us soothies for Isaiah. They were always a bit big for him and he eventually started to refuse them, which made it difficult to calm him. I tried many pacifiers and the only ones that he liked were the MAM pacifiers. Not to mention they have the cutest designs! I got a few for Annabelle!

3. Aden & Anais Snap Bibs

I stocked up on some snap bibs because no matter how many times you wash them they work like they did the first time. I have had a terrible experience with regular velcro bibs not staying attached after a few times through the laundry. Plus it helps that Aden & Anais have an adorable selection of styles for their bibs!

4. Burt’s Bees Calming Shampoo and Lotion

Many shampoos, soap, and lotions have dangerous chemicals in them. I feel at ease when I’m washing my babies in Burt’s Bees products. The calming shampoo and lotion has a scent that helps put them to sleep too! We stocked up on these!

5. Chair Top High Chair

This is going to be a lifesaver since I can use it for both Annabelle and Isaiah. It fits on almost any chair and we can bring it to Grandma’s easily with no hassle, and it’s great for road trips since it takes up little space. We got the Chicco Pocket Snack!

6. Burt’s Bee’s Baby Mittens

Newborns tend to scratch themselves, Isaiah did and these mittens came in handy (literally) hehe. They are also made with organic cotton, so you can feel good about these!

7. Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother

Isaiah was excited to be getting this (as you can see above)! I have heard so many great things about the Sea Dreams Soother for both babies and toddlers! We got one for both Isaiah and Annabelle to put in their cribs. It helps put them to sleep and soothes them if they wake up. When they finally wake up after nap time this will keep them busy until I get to them.

8. Baby and Toddler Clothing

I’m guilty of purchasing clothes for my son and daughter whenever I step foot in Buy Buy Baby. I can’t help that they have so many adorable clothes. I love all the lines there but my favorites would have to be Burt’s Bees Baby and the Jessica Simpson line! We stocked up on some spring and summer outfits for Isaiah and some needed sizes for Annabelle too.

9. Nursing Gowns and Bras

I honestly didn’t even know these kind of nursing gowns existed until I was gifted a few at the hospital when I gave birth to Isaiah. They were a complete lifesaver. Not only are they easy and convenient for breastfeeding but they are comfortable especially for us mamas who have had c-sections. BuyBuy Baby has a great variety of them!

Nursing bras are another lifesaver for the breastfeeding mamas out there. They are comfortable and easy to manage. I’m also guilty of wearing my nursing bra even after I stopped breastfeeding/pumping because they were just so comfortable!

Help Yourself With 20% Off!

Buy Buy Baby offers great prices and on top of that when you sign up for their email mailing list they send you a 20% off coupon! Even if you aren’t a mom or expecting, this store is great when it comes to buying gifts for those who are.

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