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Hospital Bag Necessities

Pregnant Woman

Last pregnancy I was headed in to be induced. My plan was to deliver vaginally but after 12 hours of a failed induction I had to get an emergency c-section. This time around we scheduled a c-section so I know what to expect and have a good idea at what I need. Most of what I’m going to list are great for both moms who will deliver naturally and by c-section. Let me start off by saying that between your needs, your husband’s needs and your baby’s needs you’ll probably have more than one “hospital bag” (depending on how big your bag is). Lol.

I received this roomy and cute diaper bag from Jujube. They have a huge selection of diaper bags with different styles, colors, and uses. I got the Be Prepared Diaper Bag (The Queen of The Nile) style. This one is perfect for moms who have two little ones. The room, pockets, and convenience of this bag will blow your mind. I also love that this diaper bag is 100% washable. You can literally throw it in the washer and have it as shiny and new as the first time you used it!

What I’m Packing For Myself:

  • A Long and Soft Robe. This was a huge use at my last stay because not only was I comfortable but I had something easy to slip on while doing my daily walks to the nursery or whenever I had visitors.
  • Fluffy Socks With Grips. These work well because hospital floors are so cold and slippery. Plus Fluffy socks are always fun!
  • Nursing Gowns. I actually never packed these the first time around but I was gifted them at the hospital by family. They are a total life saver for breastfeeding moms. I had the gowns that clip and unclip making it easy for breastfeeding time.
  • C-Section Waist Band. I know that is one thing I needed last time. Since my wound was so sensitive to touch this is a must because it helps relieve pressure of your clothing on your wound.
  • Breast Pads. When your milk finally comes in it comes in full force…literally. lol. Aside from it being uncomfortable the leaking part was always such an annoyance. Slipping breast pads into my bra or nursing gown helped SO much and It made for less laundry!
  • Manual Breast Pump. Do not waste the space of bringing in your huge breast pump to the hospital! Your milk probably won’t come in until a day or two after delivering. I was given a manual breast pump at the hospital and it helped so much when I was engourged. I also got a head start on saving my breast milk! These things are easy, small, and handy at your short hospital stay!
  • Feeding and Poop Log. Of course for the baby! lol. I got myself one of these last time and it was such a relief having it. The nurses are hardcore about keeping a log of when your baby poops, pees, and eats. It’s also helpful for yourself so you have an idea of when to you will feed the your baby next and which breast to use. This goes on past the hospital stay. I used my log for 2 months last time.
  • Chapstick. Whether you’re pushing the baby out naturally or laying on the operation table your lips will end up dry either way! I was so happy to pack chapstick last time because I couldn’t tell you the amount of times I used it!
  • Toiletries. I brought my own last time and was so glad I did. The hospital shampoo and conditioner is very watered down so it was nice to have my own. I also brought my own tooth brush, toothpaste, face wash, deodorant, and makeup!
  • 1-2 Outfits. One outfit just incase you take family photos at the hospital and a comfortable outfit for the day you leave! I will be bringing high wasted leggings so it won’t be uncomfortable with my C- Section wound.
  • Your Favorite Snacks. Because let’s face it hospital food is never the best. lol. I packed some of my favorite granola bars, candy, crackers, and some drinks! (this also is nice for when your husband stays too!)
  • Camera. I mean your phone could work too but I’m a photographer at heart so I will be bringing my camera to capture some special newborn moments.
  • iPad. This was nice because my husband and I were able to watch some shows, and play some games to make time go by.

What I’m Packing For The Baby:

  • Pacifiers. The hospital will provide you with them but I didn’t care for the kind they offered with Isaiah. So this time I am bringing my own.
  • Pamper’s Sensitive Wipes. The hospital we delivered at didn’t have actual baby wipes. Just small cloths that you would have to wet before using. This time we are packing wipes to save us the time and hassle. Pamper’s sensitive wipes are all we ever used with Isaiah because he has sensitive skin. We will be using the same for Annabelle.
  • Dr.Smith’s Diaper Spray. Oh my goodness was this the best thing ever once we discovered it! The hospital doesn’t have actual diaper cream from what I can remember and when we did use diaper cream it was always such a mess. This diaper spray leaves your hands clean and your baby’s butt soft and refreshed! I totally recommend this for any mom out there!
  • Hand Sanitizer Wipes. These are convenient and easy for when you have guests! It’s always so nerve wracking when someone else holds your new fragile baby. You want to ask to see if those are clean clothes they are wearing and if they took a shower that day, you want them to load up on hand sanitizer..but trust me as long as your baby isn’t kissed or touched without clean hands it will be fine:) These wipes fit into any pocket and are easy to hand out!
  • Car Seat Carrier. This is an obvious one but just remember to really understand how it works and how your baby needs to be strapped in. The hospital is not allowed to tell you anything when it comes to putting your baby in a carrier/carseat.
  • Swaddles. Oh how I wished I had one before the first few weeks of having Isaiah. The nurses make it look so easy when they swaddle up your baby. Let me tell most certainly is not! lol. My husband and I always failed at it. Isaiah loved to be tightly swaddled as do most newborns. After purchasing a swaddle we were able to easily swaddle up Isaiah!
  • 1-2 Outfits. If you plan on having the hospital photographer take photos your baby will have a cute outfit on in the photos. Also, don’t forget a going home outfit suited right for the weather. Annabelle is a winter baby so we will have to bring a warm onesie, blanket, hat, mittens,and a carseat cover!

What I’m Packing For The Husband:

  • Air Mattress. We thought the hospital chair (that turned into a bed) would be ok but it made for a rough stay for my husband. He had some serious back issues going on so this time we are bringing a small air mattress to make it easier on him.
  • Snacks and Energy Drinks. As I stated above for what I was packing myself, same goes for my husband! Throw in some of his favorite snacks and drinks..especially energy drinks because those will be needed. lol.
  • Comfortable Clothes. Just to make the stay more relaxing. It’s important for your husband to be comfortable as well.
  • Toiletries. Because obviously just like you, he will be needing some body care as well! lol.
  • iPad/ Laptop. Perfect for playing games, and watching tv when bored.

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