Mom Life

Baby #2 is a GIRL!

That day when the ultrasound tech said:

It’s a girl! She is all girl!

I couldn’t believe it because all this time I was sure baby #2 was a boy! Then again I was wrong about Isaiah being a boy. My husband and I had a sense of relief because we wanted a girl and a boy and then be done with babies! We are so done after this too! Pregnancy has never been fun for me, lol. I think I had like two weeks of me feeling great last pregnancy and that was it.

I went into Carters a day after finding out baby #2 was a girl and I went CRAZY! I originally had this huge pile of girl clothes in a basket but then realized if I brought all this home my husband would kill me. So I chose only a few items, I’m sure I’ll be back for more. But man, shopping for girls is way more fun and a lot easier then with boys!

Thank you Jesus for blessing us with our babies!

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