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Another Season!

Fall is near. Tomorrow, this Friday, September 22nd we say goodbye to Summer and Welcome in Fall! What are the obvious signs of the Seasons changing?  You got weather changing from hot and humid to cold and crisp, and the green leaves on trees turn bright red, orange and yellow then eventually fall off. We rush through Summer so we can experience the sweet beginning bliss of Fall. The Beautiful colors, the pumpkin spice everything, the decorations, the cozy and cute clothing..but fall is only roughly 3 months. We seem to rush through each season so we can either enjoy the next or get out of the current one.

In life we experience our own seasons. We have bad days, weeks, and even years. Can you remember your last bad day, week, or year? Didn’t you just want it to end? What could this bad time possibly bring you? What we don’t realize in the moment, is that bad seasons only prepare us and make us stronger. When doors close, new ones open. When people walk out, new ones walk in. We finally open our eyes to what truly matters.

It’s easy to compare each other’s lives. Whether it’s the person’s house, love life, their degree, their job, their body, etc. But in that quick moment of comparing we never really stop to think that each and every person is going through their own season. We try and rush through our season of life so we can be in their season of life.

Having Isaiah really gave me a perspective on time. I always quickly stop myself from wanting to rush even a day away because let’s be real, time is precious. When I was going through a rough patch last year I found myself wanting it to just end – wanting to fast forward to the day I finally felt better. But being able to cope, and bring myself out of that made me stronger for the next rough season I may face.

“Our lives are a journey. As we move forward, we will not only figuratively experience the geography of life: the exhilaration of high mountains, the tranquility of calm meadows, the isolation of treacherous canyons, but we will also experience the seasons of life: the hope of spring, the abundance of summer, the harvest of autumn, and yes, the darkness and depression of winter.”
― Seth Adam Smith

I think we all intend on making every moment count with our family and friends, but life gets in the way of that. Time slips out of our hands as we always wish for the next best thing. What I’ve learned is that I need to push past that poisonous mindset, and instead channel dissatisfaction into action. I won’t let time slip away, and I won’t wish another day away.



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