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    Must Have Products For You And Your Baby!

    I’m definitely preparing differently then I did with Isaiah. The nice thing after already having a baby is that you know exactly what you need and what you don’t need! I know every baby is different so there are a few things I’m going to wait on until Annabelle makes her appearance.

    I’ve received a few products for when she arrives and I’m super excited about them!

    DockATot sent me their dockatot deluxe for babies along with the adorable hanging toys. This I know will be worth while. When Isaiah was a baby there were times I wanted to take a nap or watch a movie and have him be right next to me. With the docatot you can easily bring it anywhere with you, its easily washable, completely safe and the reviews state that both babies and mamas love them! I’m seriously so excited about this product!




    I also received a lavender colored swaddle from The Ollie World. First let me tell you that this swaddle came in the most adorable little box that can be reused for keepsakes, jewelry or anything you want! Aside from that, this swaddle is not only super soft but it’s easy to work with. I remember when we had isaiah we would watch the delivery nurses swaddle him up with a blanket so easily..we never got that down and it sucked because isaiah slept best when he was swaddled. So I cannot wait to Swaddle Annabelle up in this!





    I also received a baby carrier from LILLEbaby. I did try out a few other baby carriers after Isaiah was born but they were never comfortable for me or him. Baby carriers are supposed to make things easier. This baby carrier from Lille Baby not only has great reviews to prove they are one of the best but I tested it out and cannot wait to put Annabelle in it! The baby carrier allows you to wear your baby 6 different ways! The material is SO soft and they have many colors to chose from! I got midnight blue so my both my husband and I could wear it! lol. Plus now that I will be having 2 under two for 7 months I’m sure I’ll be doing most of my time wearing Annabelle!




    Another product I received was a Binxy Baby shopping cart hammock! I cannot express how excited I am for this! One of the many things that I dread is bringing a baby(s) shopping with me! There is so much to bring and worry about when all you need to do is run in and grab what you need! But now I can shop and enjoy. These shopping cart hammocks fit in any cart and are completely safe! Not only can you put your baby in it, but the baby carrier also fits in it as well! They have a variety of styles. I got the “Full Bloom” flower one for Annabelle!




    Joovy sent me their “Caboose Too Ultralight Graphite Double Stroller”. I had a hard time trying to find a decent one and I am so happy to say this is a great stroller for two under two! This stroller allows you to also put your baby carrier safely on it while your toddler sits in the back seat. When the baby gets older you could ditch the baby carrier and have them go in both seats! One of my favorite things about this stroller is that its not a wide one. I know shopping and going to events is tough with a stroller let alone two babies- one stroller. So this makes it simple and fun for all!




    Another cute product I received was the Coobella Inspired Diapers! They are a thoughtful, one of a kind gift that helps care for a precious newborn but SPEAKS to Mom! Each Coobella specialty diaper is printed with a heartwarming and encouraging message for Mom during changing time. Instead of Mom looking at a cartoon or random designs, why not uplifting messages?! Messages letting her know that “You CAN do this!” And “You WILL survive sleep deprivation!” Messages that encourage her to “Trust Your Instincts” and affirm that indeed “You are an awesome Mom.” The essence behind Coobella is to truly give that special Mom the things she needs most: diapers (of course!), with an added touch of inspiration and laughter…. one diaper change at a time!



    Another item I received was the Beaba Baby Food Cook! It not only steams but also grinds food perfectly! I wish I would have done more baby food making when Isaiah was a baby but now that I’m finally a stay at home mom I’m going to stick with it this time! This Beaba Cook is a life changer. They make it simple and fast! It is also easy to clean! Plus I won’t have to worry about what goes into jar foods at the grocery store or the high prices because I’ll be making baby food from my own kitchen!



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    A Great Christmas Gift!

    The Holidays are quickly approaching and the stress of shopping for presents has begun. I’m so happy to have found @Moroccanoil, not only are their wonderful products perfect for pampering yourself but they also make great Christmas gifts! #ArganEveryDay


    My hair is naturally curly and frizzy so the Moroccanoil works perfect. Best part is I only need a small amount and my hair is shiny and smooth for days! They also sent me the shampoo and conditioner. I like that it doesn’t have any sulfate in it which can harm the hair. Their products are completely safe and healthy for your hair. I won’t have a bad hair day now thanks to Moroccanoil!


    They also sent me some body moisturizer, one with the natural smell, one rose scent and one orange blossom scent. All smelt amazing and it wasn’t a strong scent. It made my skin very soft and refreshed. I won’t see much dry skin this winter because this stuff cures it all!


    I’m looking forward into using these products for myself but also excited to give them as gifts as well. I know my family and friends will love them just as much as I do. You can check out more of their products on their website! Also be sure to check out their holiday gift shop page!